About Me

My Story.
My Mission.

I am Shani Rosenbaum, a certified personal trainer in Baltimore, MD. I train people because I believe that we have obstacles that we face and struggles that we need to overcome. But sometimes we don’t know what they are or how we can overcome them. We don’t understand why we are so afraid, or why we can’t let go and relax. Why is our balance off and why are we so unhappy?

So we come to the gym, yes to get physically stronger of course, but more importantly to discover things about ourselves. We figure out what we can and can’t do- and why we can’t do it. We discover just how strong we really are, when we thought we weren’t. 

When we work on balance, we help ourselves become more stable throughout our lives. Whatever is holding us back in the gym is preventing us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

My job is to help you overcome your challenges and struggles in the gym, through your workouts. I do that by helping you become stronger within yourself. No more fear, no more unhappiness, no more saying I can’t do “x”.




Get Fit

Happiness is not achieved when you lose weight or get that fancy pose in yoga. Happiness is achieved when you love yourself enough to know that it’s OK to have flaws. It’s OK to struggle sometimes. Love yourself anyway. Love everything about yourself. All the flaws. All the negative parts.

This is what I preach.
This is why I do what I do.

This is MY WHY.
This is Shape by Shani.